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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

First project with pink crop-a-dile big bite!!!!!

As promised i made this ribbon storage box with my crop-a-dile! It was a little difficult to get used to at the start as it is different from the original crop-a-dile! But i got used to it and the reach is fantastic!

The box is actually a gift box from a card shop!

I made a template out a piece of paper to cut the holes out of the box at regular intervals.

I cut a scalloped squares out with mini monograms and ran it through my cuttlebug with swiss dots folder, i then stuck these on the front of the box.

The eyelets came with the accessory kit that was also on offer on QVC last week i had to get that too it would have been rude not to!!!

Glad i did now as it is wait list only! also gives me a place to store the big bite:)


Dawn said...

Wonderful job on the ribbon box! For the ribbon inside is it lying down on it's side?

sassylm said...

Thanks Dawn, the ribbon is mixed together, it isn't really as neat as i would like it!
So some are on there side and some are laying flat.

Craft Fairy said...

Great box. I love the idea. Do I even recognise Craft Fairy ribbons in the box?

Lana said...

Love your ribbon holder it's soooooo girlie and fab!!!!
You are making me want the big bite evevn more. lol
Lana x

~JulieH~ said...

Wow what a great project, I bought my big bite and the accessory kit and apart from testing it out I've not done anything yet!!!! Your box is fabulous!

caroline said...

That's a great box. I have all my ribbon in jars but I love your idea, well done, Caroline XXX